I want to distort the reality during exposure by using simple homemade pinhole cameras.

What is analog pinhole photography. No viewer, no lens, film yes …. build one!

Download an easy to use pinhole calculator. Design your pinhole camera.

Cool, pinhole photo


Build a pinhole cam

Photo 21

How to build a pinhole camera. This tutorial shows you in clear steps how to build your own pinhole camera. The pinhole camera is made of mdf and is suitable for 120 roll film. You can also use a pinhole calculator, including an exposure table. Any questions, please contact me.


Let's Walk

Some of my videos on one page now.  Video is very fascinating I think. So much different than shooting pictures. A great challenge to give also a different perspective in my videos.

Gebouw A

Gebouw A, Radio Kootwijk

Gebouw A, Radio Kootwijk. Built, almost a hundred years ago, for long-wave signals. The building and the massive sand drifts nearby is part of my childhood. Three special photos of mine are showed permanently in the cadastre room. The building and the entire area is worth a visit.