I want to distort the reality during exposure by using simple homemade pinhole cameras.

What is analog pinhole photography. No viewer, no lens, film yes …. build one!

Download an easy to use pinhole calculator. Design your pinhole camera.


Pinhole cubism, a new page at b-a-r-e-n-d.com.

I’m very interested in cubism. The works of Lyonel Feininger, for example, I find very fascinating. An inspiration for me to discover new things.blad-157-1b
All of my pinhole cameras are homemade, therefore I can discover, develop and have more control over my work. Oh, sometimes I’m very surprised at some of the results. Unexpected results, not what I wanted. But, not rarely are these unexpected results an eye-opener to do some adjustments or build a new camera. There is still so much to discover. And give it my own style and expose it on film the way I want to.
Not doing the obvious is getting me where I want to be, take a look.

Surreal Beach, pinhole photo


Scheveningen, pinhole photo